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Active ingredients such as β-glucan
Boost immune system
補体 [complement]
・マクロファージ [Macrophage]
・ヘルパーT細胞 [Helper T cells]
 [Activates immune cells such as NK cells]
Bacteria, virus,
cancer cell destruction

Various pharmacological actions (effects) of Himematsutake

● 抗がん剤作用 [ Anticancer drug action ]     
● 免疫強化 [ Immunity enhancement ]
● がんの転移抑制 [ Cancer metastasis suppression ]
● 抗アレルギー作用 [ Anti-allergic action ]
● 脱コレステロール作用 [ De-cholesterol action ]
● 心臓病予防 [ Heart disease prevention ]
● 血清脂質低下作用 [ Serum lipid lowering effect ]
● 便秘解消 [ Constipation elimination ]
● 肝機能強化 [ Liver function enhancement ]
● 抗酸化作用 [ Antioxidant action ]
● 血糖降下作用 [ Hypoglycemic effect ]

The antitumor polysaccharides of Himematsutake are also effective against viruses — ヒメマツタケの抗腫瘍多糖体はウィルスにも有効である —

It has been confirmed that the antitumor polysaccharide contained Himematsutake has an interferon (substance that suppresses virus growth) -inducing action having an antiviral action. In 2000, it was clinically confirmed to be effective against the HIV (human immunodeficiency) virus that causes AIDS. We have also obtained a patent as an "oral therapeutic drug for improving AIDS symptoms". Previous studies have proved that Himematsutake enhances biological defense effects such as macrophage / natural killer cell activation activity and interferon-inducing activity.

ヒメマツタケに含まれる抗腫瘍多糖体は抗ウィルス作用を有するインターフェロン(ウィルスの増殖を抑制する物質)誘起作用を持つことが確認されている。2000年にはエイズを引き起こすHIV (ヒト免疫不全)ウイルスに有効であることが臨床的にも確認され、米国、EU主要国(イギリス、フランス、スイス、ドイツ、イタリア)、日本国内において、ヒメマツタケは「エイズ症状を改善する経口治療薬(剤)」として特許も取得している。これまでの研究で、ヒメマツタケは、マクロファージ・ナチュラルキラー細胞活性作用、インターフェロン誘起作用などの生体防御作用を強化するこが証明されている。

What is immunity?It is a defense system that operates when external substances such as cancer cells, bacteria, and viruses enter the body.


Himematsutake are effective against various diseases such as atopy as well as lifestyle-related diseases — 生活習慣病をはじめ、アトピーなど様々な病気に効果が期待 —

Himematsutake can be expected to be effective against various diseases such as atopy as well as lifestyle-related diseases. It improves blood flow to prevent hypertension and motivational effects, and also has a diabetic effect such as lowering blood sugar levels and promoting insulin secretion. Experiments have also confirmed that it is effective in suppressing liver damage and allergic diseases.
Himematsutake enhances the immunity, enhances the natural healing power, and makes the body less prone to illness. If you lose your energy after surgery or after illness, take Himematsutake mushrooms. It will also be useful in preventing recurrence and coexistence of other pathogens


Himematsutake is rich in dietary fiber and linoleic acid, which works to lower cholesterol. In addition, the content of vitamins and minerals is relatively high, and in particular, it contains a large amount of vitamins B2, D, magnesium, potassium, etc


Correspondence to diabetic with severecomplications — 合併症がこわい糖尿病への対応 —

◆ It has been suggested that Himematsutake suppressed the onset of type II diabetes, such as exerting its power to suppress the onset of non-insulin-dependent diabetes-induced mice, which are said to have a ratio of 90% or more of all human diabetes. It has been confirmed in animal experiments.


◆ Immunity power up
◆ Keeps blood vessels young and prevents high blood pressure
◆ Increase liver function
◆ Suppress ascites cancer that grows fast
◆ Reduce side effects of anti-cancer drugs and radiation therapy
◆ Preventing cancer metastasis

in Dubai, UAE(アラブ首長国連邦ドバイにて姫マツタケご紹介)
At the Raffles Hotel venue ラッフルズホテル会場にて
Achievements for Event in the Gulf Region 湾岸諸国でのイベント実績
Himematsutake is expected as an immunostimulant food that has an infection-preventing effect against new viruses.